Root Canal Therapy

Root canal is needed when the tissues inside the tooth become unhealthy and infected. Treating this condition is what most people call “getting a root canal.” Often, you may need a root canal because there is a cavity or crown that has crept close to the inside tissue of the tooth, but other reasons include a crack in the tooth or an injury/trauma jolting the tooth enough to disrupt its blood supply.

Endodontic Retreatment

Hidden and chronic infections can go unnoticed for years in old root canals. Modern endodontic retreatment treats these local infections and preserves the vitality of the tissue and bone supporting your tooth. If your tooth is a candidate for retreatment, this may be a less invasive option than taking the tooth out and replacing it with a dental implant.

Endodontic Surgery

Occasionally a dental infection in the roots of your tooth can be treated directly through the gums, physically removing the infection at the source. This procedure is reserved for teeth that do not respond to traditional conservative endodontic treatment.

Cone Beam CT

This 3D imaging modality is the gold standard in endodontic offices today. It can detect silent infections that traditional 2D x-rays just cannot see. Everything under the soft tissue – the sinuses, the bone, and the roots of the tooth, can be seen to detect a problem before there is pain with exceptional clarity and minimal radiation.

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